The Best Neighborhoods for Luxury Rental Apartments in Seoul

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When people think of South Korea, they often think of the city of Seoul. After all, it is the country’s capital and its central hub. As a result, it encompasses everything South Korea has to offer, including its modernity and its traditional and cultural values. It is truly a fantastic city where you can find beauty in the form of luxurious highrises and natural wonders that will leave you in awe. Besides that, there is an excellent mix of amenities, transportation, and entertainment options. 

If you are looking to rent an apartment in Seoul, you will likely want a neighborhood where you can access and enjoy everything the city can offer. However, there are so many district options that you may need help finding one that suits you, especially if you are an expat or foreigner. Not to worry, we have you sorted out. This article will examine the best neighborhoods for luxury rental apartments in Seoul. Additionally, we will highlight notable features of these areas so that you can choose a community that fits your needs. 

Let’s dive in.


Gangnam is a Seoul district that has become quite popular in internet culture courtesy of the hit song ‘Gangnam Style.’ However, many people do not realize that this is one of the most popular districts in the city due to its high life and nightclub culture. It is considered one of the leading financial hubs of Korea while also being a hub for the K-pop industry that is well-known worldwide. As a result, the city houses many foreigners alongside locals. Furthermore, the wealthier areas within Gangnam house celebrities and tycoons while also having the headquarters of popular entertainment management companies.

Gangnam undoubtedly has plenty of facilities and entertainment options. You can find all sorts of bars and restaurants throughout the city, where you can find incredible food from foreign and local cuisines. Furthermore, many highrises, galleries, and shopping malls are available for those who like to explore the city. If you truly enjoy luxury, you can find various luxury brand boutiques and beauty salons in wealthy neighborhoods. As a result, Gangnam is always hustling and bustling, making the city seem full of life.

Since the district is so famous, the neighborhoods in Gangnam are quite expensive. In fact, it has some of the most expensive real estate in all of South Korea. In particular, the Cheongdam-dong and Apgujeong-dong areas house some of the most affluent people in the country. Therefore, this is the area for you if you are looking for a high-rise apartment rentals. Another great alternative is the Banpo-dong district, which features a variety of residential and apartment buildings, which is why it is known as the ‘city of apartments’. Interestingly, most of the French population within South Korea can be found here. A quieter alternative in Gangnam is Daechi-dong if you prefer a more reserved area to live in.

It is vital to note that renting apartments in Gangnam isn’t for everyone because the apartments can cost a lot of money. Additionally, they are usually much smaller than apartments in the rest of Seoul.


Hannam-dong where Yongsan international school (YISS) is located is one of the elite neighborhoods in Seoul, where many of the rich and famous can be found, including diplomats. As a result, this neighborhood is exclusive, with many large and luxurious homes available. While the housing in this area is mainly free-standing homes, you can still find Hannam luxury apartments for rent. The great thing is that these apartments are quite spacious, which is excellent considering that Hannam-dong is situated in the very heart of Seoul. As a result, you will have access to all facilities, amenities, and entertainment options you require while living alongside the most exclusive community.

The area of Hannan-dong also has great beauty, and you will be able to find various scenic views due to its proximity to the famous Han River. There are various trendy restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the nightlife, alongside museums, if you prefer Korean culture. The houses that make up the area are quite beautiful, and various international schools are available, such as Seoul International School and German International School. You can also avail of school bus services for these schools so your children can commute without worrying.

Most notably, the Hannan-dong district has some of Seoul’s most famous apartment buildings and compounds. The most famous of these is the UN Village, an exclusive compound with its own security and the best view in Hannam-dong overlooking the Han River. Furthermore, many celebrities reside there, like Blackpink’s Jennie. The other buildings are Nine One Hannam and Hannam the Hill, where BTS and EXO stars live. Hannam the Hill is considered the most expensive building in South Korea.


Itaewon is another affluent district notable for its American influence and foreign-friendliness. This is because it is near the Yongsan Garrison US Military Base. As a result, you can find various English-speaking restaurants and shops. Itaewon is a melting point of different cultures that is perfect for expats, and you will be able to find international products and diverse experiences within this district. For example, you can meet new foreigners and make friends with them as there are many clubs and bars. Similarly, you can also find American-style food, like pizzas and burgers.

Itaewon may be the most Westernized district, but you can still find affordable rental apartments in the hilly region. The owners are also very accommodating to foreigners, so expats can easily find apartments. The best part about living in Itaewon is that you will have access to any amenities and facilities you require while still being very safe. The area is well connected through the public transport system, and you can access various services like the hairdresser, telephone services, parks, etc. Furthermore, the area has excellent schools so your children can get a good education. However, the peace and serenity in the city can be disrupted due to the nightlife, which is why you may want to look elsewhere if you want a quieter lifestyle.

Seongbuk-dong & Pyeongchange-dong

Seongbuk-dong is another affluent neighborhood in Seoul, although it is more suburban than metropolitan. Nonetheless, this city still offers a lot of prestige, especially for those who enjoy peace, nature, and Korean culture. You will be able to find more spacious homes in this district, making it excellent for people who want to stay with their families. It also houses many expats and political leaders due to the safety and serenity of the area. 

Seongbuk offers a variety of amenities and entertainment options, like high-end restaurants and cafes in its wonderful immaculate streets. Furthermore, there are a variety of museums and temples that are great for those who enjoy Korean history and culture. However, it is the nature surrounding the city that provides the true luxury of this city. Seongbuk can be found on the foothills of mountains around it, giving it a feeling of serenity and peacefulness. In fact, it was in this district where the Oscar-winning movie Parasite was shot.

The great thing about Seongbuk is that it is close to the city center, so you can easily travel there. However, you will need to invest in a car if you wish to travel around as public transportation is not well connected, making it unreliable.

To sum up

Seoul is the most popular city in South Korea as it encompasses everything it has to offer. As a result, housing in Seoul is in great demand. We have compiled a list of the best neighborhoods in Seoul for luxury rental apartments so you can enjoy everything the city offers. The most notable district is Gangnam, which provides Seoul’s best nightlife, even though apartments can be small and expensive. Another affluent neighborhood is Seongbuk, which offers a more suburban and quiet luxurious experience characterized by nature and spaciousness. Itaewon is an excellent district for foreigners due to its American influence, variety of international products, and diverse experiences. Finally, Hannam is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods where many rich and famous people reside. It has the most exclusive community with great nightlife and scenic views of the famous Han River. All these neighborhoods have unique features offering varied luxurious experiences you can choose from, depending on your needs.

We hope this article has been insightful and helps you find the best neighborhood.

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