Utilities in Korea: A Comprehensive Guide for Expats

utilities in Korea


Embarking on your journey to call your apartment in South Korea home away from home? Understanding the intricacies of local utilities is a key step for a seamless transition. This comprehensive guide aims to provide expatriates with valuable insights into effectively managing utilities in their new Korean residence.

Section 1: Water, Gas, and Electricity – The Basics

Water (수도): Local governments manage water services in Korea. Receive your monthly water bill based on usage, payable at convenience stores or through online banking.

Gas (도시가스): City gas is widely used for cooking and heating. Gas bills, issued every two months, can be paid conveniently at local stores, online, or through bank transfers.

Electricity (전기): Supplied by the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), electricity bills, based on usage, can be paid at convenience stores, online, or via direct debit.

Section 2: Internet and Cable Services

Internet (인터넷): South Korea boasts world-class internet services. Providers like KT, SK Broadband, and LG U+ offer bundled plans that include internet and IPTV services.

Cable TV (케이블 TV): Explore diverse channel packages with numerous cable TV providers. Some apartments include basic cable, while others may require a separate subscription.

Section 3: Waste Management (쓰레기)

Sorting and Collection: Korea prioritizes recycling. Sort waste into general, recyclable, and organic categories, with collection bins available in residential areas.

Waste Stickers (폐기물 스티커): Special waste items need stickers, purchasable at local convenience stores.

Section 4: Heating and Cooling (온풍기 / 에어컨)

Ondol (온돌): Experience traditional underfloor heating during the winter months for efficient warmth.

Air Conditioning (에어컨): Modern homes are equipped with air conditioning units for relief during the hot and humid summers.

Section 5: Setting Up and Closing Utility Accounts

Setting Up: When moving in, set up utility accounts at local service centers or online platforms with help of your real estate agent.

Closing Accounts: Before moving out, close utility accounts to avoid ongoing charges. Visit service centers or contact providers to finalize the process.


Mastering the nuances of utilities is essential for a comfortable life in South Korea. By familiarizing yourself with these comprehensive details, you’re well-prepared to efficiently manage your household. Need assistance or have questions? Local service centers and language-friendly apps are invaluable resources in your new Korean home.

Welcome to Korea, where a well-connected and smoothly functioning living environment awaits you!

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