5 Reasons Why Renting a Luxury Apartment in Korea is Better Than Staying at a Hotel

Apartment in Korea

Luxury Apartments in Korea have captured the imagination and hearts of travelers from various cities to experience what it’s like in the culturally rich and musically dominated country. Sharing their living style is the way to understand how Korea shines.

Hotels are every traveler’s route, but why not take a brand new approach to highlight your adventurous side and be involved in living to your fullest? Instead of renting a hfully furnished apartment for rentotel as one would typically do, you can go a step higher if you rent an apartment in Korea. This way, you would not have to follow the same routine.

Why choose new countries over revisiting the same one? To receive an enhanced and unique experience while you take risks, trust the process and get involved in non-traditional methods. There are also many benefits to choosing luxury apartments, especially when you work with Hometown Realty, which can help you find the perfect luxury apartment for your stay. You’d be surprised to learn about all the amenities and conveniences that come with luxury apartments in Korea.

Let’s look at 5 Reasons Why renting a luxury apartment in Korea is much more eventful and beneficial than staying at a hotel.

Homely Comfort

Homesickness is a thing, and so are the feelings of the unknown of being in a new country that you never stepped into or never thoroughly learned the language of. But that’s okay because you should not let this creeping disturbance stop you from living life and taking risks. The one hack to solve this problem is to rent a luxury apartment because nothing says home more than a spacious area you can have all to yourself. If you’re bold, you can hop into a kitchen to cook your favorite meals or some Korean recipes. You can even do your laundry worry-free. Every amenity available at home will no doubt be public at these apartments, including City Hall Korea apartments.

Koreans prefer to stay in apartments because it reminds them of the home apartment culture, and adopting the Korean style while in the country is the best way to pay homage to them.
Luxury apartments in Korea possess every element to help you consider the apartment your home. Pick up a good TV show and proceed in your day as usual with the luxury of witnessing the busy life of Korea.


Korea is a safe country, but even if a traveler is aware of the circumstances, it’s the priority of the place they’re staying at to make them feel secure. As mentioned before, the unknowns of a foreign country can make one tense, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from living to the fullest. Facilities should provide every accommodation so that a traveler can feel that there are no chances of any external or internal danger heading their way.

Luxury apartments do this best. They are more secure since fewer people have access to the flats. In addition to CCTVs, security personnel is also on-site to make guests feel protected. For this reason, women travelers, especially solo ones, always prefer renting apartments because it’s where they receive the most safety. Women love this particular feature of serviced apartments.

Luxury apartments in Korea are generally equipped with gated communities and safety codes. They limit access to the area, and few people rent luxury apartments, so there are typically no crowds. The units may have private entrances, so you might not need to pass through a lobby to get in and out of the apartment.


While it may seem complicated to believe that luxury apartments are cheaper than hotels, try looking at the cost without looking at other factors like space and facilities. The price might be the same or more expensive than a hotel stay. Still, apartments can accommodate several guests, several amenities, and even the essentials that may not be provided to you by the hotel services for free. This option is ideal and significantly cheaper if a large group is collectively going on vacation to Korea because a large apartment can accommodate everyone, and you would only need to pay for the apartment instead of several rooms. Additionally, a hotel limits you to a certain number of people per room. If you wish beyond the allowable number of guests, you must pay more or book another hotel room, whereas apartments rarely impose such restrictions.

The cost will always be shared, and every luxury and fully furnished apartment for rent will provide you with luxurious accommodations like outdoor areas. Some even come with a spa, a pool, or both. This is something only some hotel services will provide.

Breathtaking views

You must take advantage of the many spectacular views in Korea. There is much to discover, from the Namsan Mountains and Banpodaegyo Bridge in Seoul to the beautiful coast and stunning beaches on Jeju Island, fondly known as the Island of the Gods. It would be a shame to miss the chance to admire the glorious views of Korea by spending time in a hotel that limits sightseeing.

The best apartments in the country offer some of the most spectacular views imaginable with Insta-worthy locales and extraordinary landscapes. You’ll also find suitable apartments providing ocean views and private beaches that are open to other tourists. Luxury apartments are generally built in areas with the best sights to give tourists next level experience of the beauty within the country. They have access to beautiful and relatively quiet views, making it easier to admire the views amidst the silence and peacefulness. You can even peek at the beautiful traditional architecture of Korea, which perfectly encapsulates its rich culture.

Privacy and space

Korea is a busy place. After a whole day of traveling through the busy streets of Korea, trying out street food, and living in the moment, sometimes you need your own space to unwind to continue your journey with a fresh start the very next day. A place with maximum privacy would be ideal for this situation.
Korea High-rise apartments tend to have fewer units, so there is enough privacy for those who seek it. The best-service apartments have just one individual apartment on each floor, providing guests with a more intimate setting. You’ll even notice that most luxury apartments are situated in calmer and greener areas of the city but, for convenience, are just a few minutes away from the busier shopping and entertainment hubs, which makes them far less crowded than a hotel and, thus, less noisy.
Even if you’re traveling with a group, luxury apartments tend to be more spacious, providing an entire living room area or a backyard and garden. Hence, the extra space comes with lots of privacy. You can always find time for yourself regardless of who you travel with. As mentioned above, luxury apartments also offer secluded areas the general public cannot access.

Villas will offer solitude and GPS-free access, so you can even go off the grid.

Bottom Line

When you’re away from home, it’s natural to start missing it. If you want that homely feel, villas and luxury apartments will provide every service and amenity to make you feel right at home. They also offer complete safety because safety is every traveler’s first concern. Despite Korea being a relatively safe country, it’s essential to feel safe and book an apartment that allows every security protocol for a protected environment. They are also a budgeted alternative to hotels, especially if traveling in large groups because the costs will be shared and extra amenities are provided.
Be sure to take advantage of the breathtaking views that luxury hotels provide and the peace, serenity, and privacy that come with staying at a high-end luxury apartment in Korea. We hope you find this article insightful.

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