Living in Seoul Apartments: Discover the Essence of Korean Living

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If you’re a K-drama fan, you’ve probably daydreamed about what living in South Korea might be like. Exploring the distinctively different regions, marveling at the exceptional infrastructure, and finding tranquility in the scenic residential areas are all part of the experience. If you’ve considered turning that daydream into reality by moving to Korea, then living in Seoul apartments, especially in the capital city, should be your top choice.

The mountains and the Han River will make your time in Seoul memorable, as you will enjoy plenty of weekend activities. Moreover, luxury apartments in City Hall Seoul let you experience the true essence of Korean Living, i.e., a blend of modernization and tradition.

You must know that Seoul’s rapid urbanization led to an increased population after the Korean War. To cope with the needs of the people government introduced a housing policy titled ‘Haengjungdan,’ which was focused on providing standard and affordable living spaces to the masses. This policy has led to the foundation of multiple apartment complexes all around the city. That is what makes Seoul apartments so famous globally!

Seoul high rise apartments provide a unique daily life experience that you will surely miss while staying at other places. Here is all you need to know about the remarkable Seoul Apartments before you move there:

They are luxurious:

No matter how Koran apartment buildings look from the outside, they are all designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and warmth from the inside. The increased population and smaller areas have made vertical living a trend in South Korea; however, that does not make you compromise on facilities. One of the popular features of Seoul apartments includes heated flooring. They keep the homes warm and make you feel all cozy in winter, thus, reducing the need to invest in buying heating equipment.

Moreover, Koreans are great at interior designing and maximizing smaller spaces for comfortable living. You will find many apartments in Seoul with high-end finishing and modern designs that are fully equipped to facilitate your stay there. You will barely find the need to buy household accessories since every apartment is designed to keep your convenience in mind. The way space is optimized to be more functional is applaudable. The visual appeal of Seoul apartments is startling.

Windows are the most appealing feature:

We all wish to have a delightful window view as it adds more glamour to our interior. Apartments in Seoul have windows that allow you to treat your eyes with unique cityscape. The highrise apartments particularly have huge glass windows that offer visually appealing views and fresh air, making your smaller space look spacious. Drawing your curtains away from the window will instantly change the vibe of your room.

 Generally, people do not prefer apartment life in many countries because of the lack of ventilation. However, Korean apartments are designed to keep the airflow seamless with two open sides for windows. You can catch the essence of the city and its architecture with the serenity of lush green Seoul mountains in the backdrop right from your living room!

Experience the Globally Famous Korean Traditions:

If you want to experience the authentic Korean culture and the humility of the locals and see how welcoming they are, living in Seoul apartments will let you have it. Koreans firmly hold on to the traditional value of ‘Jeong,’ which means having a more profound emotional understanding and connection with those around them. The sense of interconnectedness among the people living in the neighborhood is heartwarming. You are more likely to become friends with a lot of locals. You will always have someone to help you when in need; kindness is everywhere in Seoul!

Sustainable and Modern Living:

Unlike many other parts of the world, Koreans strongly believe in environmental preservation and try to opt for sustainable lifestyles to play their role in saving the planet for future generations. Apartment buildings, designed with modern features to reduce carbon footprints, make living easier for the residents. They are made to be energy-efficient and can withstand harsh weather conditions, thus reducing the need to use additional cooling or heating systems.

The waste management systems in Seoul apartments are genuinely remarkable. They have separate bins for recyclable and nonrecyclable waste to help the community and prevent land pollution. Moreover, every apartment building has a green space. Furthermore, you may also see the integration of smart home technology, usage of renewable energy resources, and vertical gardens while you stay in Seoul. Koreans are truly living ahead of their times!

Community Aspect of Seoul Apartments:

You will feel a sense of belonging to the place where you choose to stay. Koreans are great at forming friendly bonds with their neighbors. Every apartment building has community places such as parks, playgrounds, meeting rooms, gyms, etc. Social events, regular meetups, gatherings, and sports tournaments further strengthen this sense of community. Shared spaces allow you to connect with the locals; you never know, you might end up meeting a friend for life!

What Else Should You Know Before Moving to Seoul?

Moving to Seoul could be one of your life-transforming decisions. This vibrant capital of Korea is home to many fine dining restaurants and a lot of natural landscape to restore your tranquility and find solace. It is a perfect blend of urban and traditional living.

However, it would help if you considered the fact that Seoul apartments are in demand which can make it difficult for you to find a space right away; therefore, you need to arrange it beforehand. Hire ‘Hometown Reality’ to help you find the best apartment in town with affordable rent. They can help you negotiate the rent of your chosen apartment and will take care of all the paperwork, thus, sparing you the worry of the language barrier.

Make sure to get the apartment inspected before moving in. Please list all the furniture items that were already there; it will help you keep things organized while leaving the house. Learn to carefully use household appliances, door locks, security systems, heating and cooling equipment, and trash disposal options. There might be many gadgets and household responsibilities that you might not have experienced elsewhere.

Moreover, it would be helpful to research the neighborhood thoroughly. You will learn about the public transport option you can use to get to work or your university. Browse the restaurants’ choices and other entertainment facilities near the area to ensure that the neighborhood fits all your requirements and needs.


Seoul apartments are not just buildings; they reflect North Korea’s history and traditional and cultural values. However, the inspiring aspect is that their culture has evolved with modern requirements. These highrise buildings provide optimum living to the masses while maintaining the interconnectedness of the community.

The city’s unique architecture, with the incorporation of sustainable living practices, signifies how thoughtful and responsible Koreans are as a nation. Living in Seoul, exploring these intricacies gives you a deeper understanding of Korean culture and traditional values. You will love the sense of harmony that lies in the heart of Seoul!

Seoul apartments are much more than shelter spaces for the locals; they are the embodiment of core Korean traditional and cultural values.

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